Connections can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone

Many connections are planned in advance with a meeting invitation, a specific intent and purpose with an expected outcome. Some connections are ‘one-offs with no real expectations of any future ongoing connections or relationship. Regardless of the nature of your connections they all bring value.

I recently experienced a ‘one- off’ unplanned connection with someone I would not normally have any personal or business need to connect with. This proved to be a highly valuable connection that is still memorable.

In today’s busy world it is easy to operate in auto pilot and miss opportunities to connect, to feel, experience and make memories.

I was on my way to a morning breakfast forum in Brisbane, City. It was 7am on a Wednesday morning. I was following the directions on my phone to the venue. I was walking amongst a number of people, some on their way to work , others on their morning walk. My phone was telling me I had arrived at my destination, as I looked up from my phone to search for the entry I caught perfect eye contact with a gentlemen to my right. We both smiled at each other as I walked passed.

My mind started to race with a thousand thoughts and questions, I wonder what he is thinking, what is his life story, why does that happen, imagine the daily challenges he would face? I felt connected to this person, this stranger simply through a smile, even though we were worlds apart.

As I turned into the venue, I stopped at the coffee shop and ordered a small hot chocolate. As the barista handed it to me I asked if she would mind drawing a smiley face on the lid as it was for the homeless man outside. She smiled and thanked me as she drew the best smiley face.

I walked back outside and squatted down beside this gentlemen and handed him the hot chocolate. He looked me straight in the eye and gave me the brightest smile and said, “Thank you Ma’am’.

I told him he was welcome and walked away with the most incredible feeling of happiness and compassion. That is one connection I won’t forget for a long time. The connections you least expect can bring you the greatest value. Remember connections can occur anywhere, any time with anyone.


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