Kelly has 22 years experience in law enforcement. It was the words of her children, “Just do what makes you happy Mum”, that gave her the courage to put her big girl boots on and explore the public speaking and consulting world. Having worked as a team member and team leader, Kel talks candidly about focusing on the ‘Moments that matter’ and what this means for an individual, and what role leadership plays to bring out the best in your people. Her career change has allowed her to connect with many organisations that, whilst they may operate in different capacities, all have people at the heart of what they do. Kelly works with you to discover the energy within your organisation, to find your intrepreneurs and give them the right attention.

Kelly’s passion for connecting and engaging others has been evident throughout her whole career. Having worked within a large government organisation she understands the complexities that come with cross functional work units operating in different environments. Kelly is incredibly passionate about connecting the unconnected. Many organisations are experiencing for the first time, multiple generations of employees working side by side. The role of leadership into the future is pivotal to ensure you harness the energy from all your people and provide them with the permission and authority to have a voice and be apart of future decision making. The future of work is an inside job and collaboration requires integration not domination.


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Internet safe education
Kelly is a cyber safety advisor delivering information sessions to parents, carers, teachers and corporate organisations. Simple yet powerful advice will have a positive impact on how to navigate life within a digital world.

Performance Circle
Kelly is a consultant working with Lisa Fogarty
– Success Strategist


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