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Change Process  

For many managers and leaders their challenge today is keeping up with the rapidly changing operating environment, one that is full of disruptions and challenges Employees are experiencing ‘change fatigue’ across the board.  Kelly supports leaders to adopt new corporate objectives, which often involve new forms of leadership and cooperation and almost always requires a new mind-set. Sometimes it even requires a new organizational structure, all this requires buy in from your people to be successful. 

Employee Engagement 

Kelly McAuliffe assists decision makers as a sparring partner in change projects, advises them on the optimal set up of change processes and supports leaders to obtain common commitments at every level.  Kelly excels in the translation of strategic intent into laymen terms for full understanding and adoption by all of your people. She facilitates workshops for the leadership teams and large group workshops for corporate employee involvement. 


Management teams are facing multiple complex challenges. The quality of the cooperation in these teams has a major impact on their success. Kelly has been running workshops across a range of issues during periods of organisational disruption and realignment for the last 15 years.  The most successful change process is the one where your people are part of the planning and problem solving to identify the future operating model.  Kelly will take your people through problem definition workshops using the principles of design thinking to inspire and energise your people and pull them out the of the ‘change fatigue mindset’ into one of growth and development.  


Yesterday leadership meant setting up goals, delegating them and conducting employee reviews. For success under irreversibly changed conditions in a permanently changing environment leaders need a new tool kit. Today leadership means for most managers in particular: leading into the unknown and developing certainty when dealing with uncertainty.

In her customised seminars Kelly McAuliffe elaborates on the topics of her keynotes and conveys in a lively and sustainable way mission-critical subjects like: 

  • How to find the intrapreneurs within your organisation 
  • How to establish self-management in line with organisational objectives and strategy
  • How to master the art of human to human connection for greater collaboration 
  • How to take chances swiftly with a team 



When you let go you bring your ‘A’ game.  

Nobody likes to be judged! The fear of failure or embarrassment can cripple anyone….if you let it.  Once you let go of your inhibitions and focus on delivering your true authentic self you will be unstoppable.

The preparation and practice will arm you with the skills and mindset to own it.  We will work together to tap into your true authentic self to make sure you deliver that on the day.  We will rehearse common questions and ensure you deliver in depth responses that showcase your full suite of knowledge, skills and experience.

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